12 July

Podcasts to get you through any commute, workout, or long work day

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I am so happy that podcasts exist. I love that in a time of virtual reality and a new incredible app release every other day, this “old-school” medium has gained so much popularity. Beyond the convenience of being able to listen while you do other things, there’s something I love about listening in on conversations right through my headphones.

When I first started listening to podcasts after graduating college, there were really not many to choose from. I had a few favorites and would get excited when one of them updated with a new episode. Now I can’t even keep up! There are so many great options, and they cover every topic you could possible imagine.

Here are a few of my favorites lately.

Call Your Girlfriend | Listen Here
These two amazing ladies label their show as “a podcast for long distance besties,” and when you listen you feel as if you’ve met two hilarious, smart and loving BFFs. They discuss everything from how you can get involved and make a difference in politics, to the latest Kardashian drama. If you aren’t listening to this one you’re missing out. Promise!

Never Before with Janet Mock | Listen Here
This one is new and I’m already loving it. On Never Before, Janet Mock sits down and has real, intimate conversations with a variety of people who are making in impact in today’s culture. What I really appreciate is that I haven’t heard most of her guests on a podcast before. And also…her first interview is with Tina Knowles-Lawson – you know, Queen B’s mom!
Politically Re-Active | Listen Here
So if you’re anything about me, you’ve been having a pretty hard time in the past six months keeping up with the craziness that is our political climate. And if you can keep up, it makes you want to crawl in a hole and pretend it’s not real. I’ve found this podcast to be helpful. The comedians keep things light, and the experts they have on give me the info I need.
Alice Isn’t Dead | Listen Here
When I need a break from news and conversation, I love a fictional audio drama. My favorite lately is Alice Isn’t Dead, by the makers of Welcome to Nightvale. The story follows the main character on a search for her missing wife, driving a semi-truck across the US. She begins encountering strange and dangerous scenes and people, and it keeps getting weirder. Just listen!
Balanced Bites | Listen Here
Just to be clear: I definitely don’t follow the Paleo lifestyle. I’m a vegetarian, which is generally not popular with the “eat like a caveman” crowd. But I do believe in the concept of eating real food (does it seem strange to anyone else that eating real food is an idea that I even need to state I believe in?). I’ve been digging this podcast because the two relatable hosts cover so many aspects of health and nutrition.
My Favorite Murder | Listen Here
A few years ago, I thought I might be a little weird because of how fascinated I was with true crime. Cut to 2017, and there are dozens of podcasts discussing every murder you’ve ever heard of, and many you probably never have. This happens to be my favorite, and I bet it will be yours too if you’ve ever found yourself excitedly spilling the details of your favorite true crime story to a friend. These girls get it.
What podcasts do you listen to to learn, challenge yourself, or just get you through that long commute?
11 July


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Summer is in full swing, and in St. Louis that means lots of sunny, sticky days with temperatures reaching 100+ degrees. I LOVE it! I feel like the past few summers have been so mild around here and I honestly missed the heat. I know, I’m weird.

I’ve been enjoying the summer as much as possible, which means lots of walks outside, visits to the farmers market, patio dinners, and some pool time when I can swing it. All of those super fun activities, plus travel and work have meant not as much time dedicated to this space. But I’m still working on it and committed to it. I have a lot of ideas in the works.

A few posts to look forward to in the near future:

  1. My can’t-miss spots in Colombia – specifically Bogotá and the coffee region
  2. Finding healthy, vegetarian friendly food in Colombia (FYI, not nearly as difficult as I expected!)
  3. My summer reading list
  4. My favorite podcasts
  5. My approach to food + fitness

In the mean time…the past few weeks in pictures:

On our first day in Bogotá. I want to go back already!


Beautiful Views in Cocora Valley


Last week we got to see one of our favorite bands, Sidewalk Chalk. Check out their new album, it’s fantastic.

I was SO excited to see Roxane Gay speak and read from her new book, Hunger.


And here are some of the tunes I’ve been digging so far this summer.

Click here to open in Spotify.

Let’s talk soon! 


19 May

Que Pasa?

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Hi again! I’m back, just like I promised (myself). Yay!

I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I want to say here, so until then I’ll just share a few things I’ve been diggin’ this past week.

  1. This warm weather, finally! This is the much-too-short part of the year where I love St. Louis weather. Not freezing, not unbearably humid. Just perfect for long runs in Forest Park and walking to the farmer’s market.
  2. Living in these. SO soft!
  3. Finally checking out Frida’s, a local vegetarian restaurant I’ve been meaning to visit FOREVER. Worth the wait! The taco salad was so good and the avocado mousse was a surprisingly satisfying dessert. Even if you’re a meat eater I bet you’ll dig this place too.
  4. Keeping myself sane AND informed in this political environment with podcasts like Pod Save America and Trumpcast (an actor reads Donald’s tweets at the beginning of every episode and it’s hilarious).
  5. Looking forward to receiving these two new cookbooks in the mail: No Meat Athlete Cookbook and Love Real Food.
  6. This picture of Bubbles:

    So fancy.

And a few things I want to do more of in the coming week:

  1. Take more photos! Get better at taking photos! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.
  2. Start a new book, specifically, this one that was just recommended to me.
  3. Do some tidying up, a la Marie Kondo. I’ll let you know if it’s life changing! I think I want to try sending some of my things to a place like ThredUp. I seriously need to let go of the high school clothes. Except for that one skirt I can still pull off…no? Okay, okay.
  4. Unclutter my digital space, too. Unsubscribe from about a billion e-mail lists that I don’t need or don’t have any idea how I even got added to. Not cool, bonebroth.com, not cool.
  5. Plan my trip to Colombia! It’s less than a month away and I couldn’t be more excited. But I need to brush up on my Spanish…because it is muy malo. Seriously. Rosetta Stone here I come!

Hope you have a great week!